The vibes of Berlin

  • Our Story

    Hey there, beautiful stranger! Nice to see you here. 

    You are in the right place because we are going to take you on a journey. We are going to take you to this unique, free, foolhardy, and cool-spirited paradise (or hell) of a place called Berlin. There are many reasons for loving Berlin. Berlin can be chaotic as well as have a no-f@ck attitude. It can be extremely intense with the techno party scenes as well as continue to boast its simplicity and remoteness. One thing Berlin definitely is not - is sophisticated!
  • Berlin is the place to be

    Berlin is the place to be
  • Berlin is cool

    The mix of cultures meeting in Berlin, in addition to the flamboyant innovations scene and flourishing startup economy, provide unique opportunities and high quality of life. Buzzing, open-minded, affordable, and tolerant, Berlin is the sort of place where you can go clubbing all night long, watch an arthouse film in an open air cinema, be out to museums, strike out on your own in a co-working cafe, or spend a lazy weekend on the nearby lake
  • Berlin is omnisex

    Berlin is well known for welcoming queer, sapiosexual, demisexual, bisexual, omnisexual, curious, unsure and friends. The metropole like Berlin doesn’t abide by norms, Germany was the first country in the EU to approve the third gender "intersex" in the official documents. A sexual, romantic or emotional attraction towards people regardless of their sex or gender identity is the new norm. Likewise, in the urban street wear fashion industry the distinctions are increasingly blurring out
  • Sunnies

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  • Berlin is athleisure

    Berlin has always been athleisure and liberating, even the business culture here is generally casual and non-conformist, one can rarely meet people in formal suits and ties in Berlin. Likewise, all sorts of comfortable, fashionable, urban cargo pants, t-shirts, sneakers and sweaters designed for workouts and clubbing are the bulk of the Berliner’s wardrobe.
  • Berlin is cheap and sexy

    Berlin's astonishingly low rents compared with other European capitals have helped attract arty people from around the world and made Berlin an essential ganglion for artists, writers, musicians and, increasingly, inventors and tech entrepreneurs. Berlin is huge, chaotic, and fun. Find yourself a vintage coat on the flea-market at Mauerpark, enjoy numerous street art objects in Kreuzberg, or just grab a Döner, and beer and attend a public karaoke in the park – makes for a perfect day out
  • Berlin is techno

    Germany's most cosmopolitan city, Berlin is hailed as the techno capital of the world, and this is its holy sanctuary. Berlin has a unique techno scene and many world-class techno clubs, known for their underground vibes and debaucherous fun. Thousands visit the famous Berlin techno venues each weekend, soaking in famous DJs and an unrivaled atmosphere.