Our Story


Hey there, beautiful stranger! Nice to see you here. 

You are in the right place cuz we're gonna take you on a journey. We are going to take you to this unique, free, foolhardy, and cool-spirited paradise (or hell) of a place called Berlin. Berlin can be chaotic and fun as well as have a no-f@ck attitude. It can be extremely intense with the techno party scenes as well as continue to boast about its simplicity and remoteness. One thing Berlin definitely is not - it's sophisticated and boring!

The ultimate goal of this project is to share with you the unique and unrivaled atmosphere of the Berlin techno scene and deliver to you the timeless experience of authenticity, simplicity, and mindfulness of the Berlin city vibes. There are many reasons to love and hate Berlin but we love it for being so multi-faceted, open-minded, omnisexual, and famously "cheap and sexy". Berlin is known to be the capital of technoculture and athleisure. By embracing our passion for the techno and urban streetwear, we are designing, sourcing and buying our items from around the globe. We deliver them directly to our customers, skipping the costly intermediaries. This strong commitment allows us to keep our prices affordable while maintaining the premium quality and coolness of our products.

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Many greets from Berlin. Hope to see you soon. Luv y'all♥


Greg S., founder

P.S.: don't hesitate to check out our 2nd project - for those with pets - https://miezeundbello.de/